• Project
  • Year

    2011 (June 21, Jaya Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia)

  • Client

    PT. Jaya Ancol

  • Creative Head

    Adi Panuntun
    Budi Sasono

  • Art Director

    Yusvatria Adri Supadmo

  • Production Manager

    Mochammad Fathony

  • Technical Director

    Omar Fadli

  • Concept Art

    Rizki A Katamsi

  • Motion Design

    Yusvatria Adri

  • 3D Artist

    Sukmadi Rafiuddin

  • Music & Sound Design

    Way Dwi Arifianto

  • Behind The Scene

    Bobby Asbo

  • Music Video

    Dissa Kamajaya

PT Jaya Ancol opened a new site at Eco Park. This time, they intended to present a show with full of surprises. By maximizing the potential of musical theatre upon a river, Jaya Ancol turned Timun Mas story of legend into a one of a kind show. Various kinds of technology applied to form the show, such as hologram illution and laser projected onto the water. All those sophisticated technologies were not the best of it. The most interesting part was when the ‘hologram’ Butau Hijau dan Timun Mas theatrically interacted with castle made out of video mapping projection. Within the show, the castle went “alive” and gave an unusual experience to the audience.