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Behind The Scene /

We believe the bright future of our new media scene relies on our efforts to challenge our own curiosity. Curiosity drives us through innovations which break through boundaries and discover the infinite possibilities of the world.

By such faith, we see phenomena through the eyes of design and emerge ideas through design thinking. We believe we can change the world by design. Knowledge sharing and case experimenting with people from various backgrounds/disciplines are some of the effort to achieve so. This pulls us not to merely see design process as creating an eye-candy or cool amusement, but also bringing it to the core of producing innovative yet always understanding and contextual work.

Thus, we produce designed-film, a multimedia creation that has the capability to touch human’s multi senses. It attracts and excites audiences as well as telling them messages out of a story. As an integrated art, science, and technology product, it is expected to act as an agent of change, a change that brings out inspirations and positive impacts to the community.

Sembilan Matahari University /

To provide an encouraging environment in achieving innovation, we agree to act under the same vision in making a continuous discourse in knowledge sharing and case experimenting. We want people to be eager to share and to show others anything they are interested in and passionate about, most importantly to be constantly curios, which can keep people improving themselves.

Sembilan Matahari University provides the space to share and to gather ideas, to ask questions and to give answers, to brainstorm and to execute concepts, to spread and to store inspirations. All interesting and potential ideas are well worth to be passed down and will be nurtured as the asset to build an independent and sustain creative hub.

Post Production /

As cooking activity goes well for being supported by a supportive kitchen, post-production or editing process requires a set-up of decent studio for one to be successful. An editing space for both offline and online process is presented within our office as the infrastructure for designing the final look and sound of our audio-visual work.

The spirit of collaborating and sharing guides to look forward to open the post-production studio to support not only ours, but also others’ audio-visual work in the future.

Media Exposure /

Museum Fatahillah Video Mapping
  • Transforming Public Space (British Council)
  • Video Mapping, Layar Tancap Versi Modern (Liputan6)
Sembilan matahari
  • Pasar Video Mapping Masih Seluas Laut Biru (Bisnis - Jabar)
  • Premier for Post-Grad Students (Northumbria University, UK)
  • cin(T)a, Antara Cina, Annisa, dan Tuhan (Kompas)
  • cin(T)a, The Beauty of Pluralism (Jakarta Post)
Gedung Sate Video Mapping
  • Sembilan Matahari Nyalakan Spirit Jabar (Kompas)
  • Gedung Sate Terbakar (National Geographic)

Collaborate With Us /


The following materials are required for employment consideration; please submit:
• Cover Letter (please mention the job title you apply for)
• Resume
• Portfolio
• Demo Reel (DVD/URL/Link)

Applicants submit a pdf version of cover letter, resume, and portfolio via email. Include URL/link(s) of work samples. You also may submit to our office.

email :
address :

Attn: Recruiting, Job Title (position you apply for)
Jl. Muararajeun no.26, Bandung 40122
West Java, Indonesia

We are looking forward to receive your submissions. All materials will be evaluated promptly, and you will be contacted if any open positions match your skiltls.

Get In Touch /

Sembilan Matahari, PT

Jl. Muararajeun no. 26 Bandung 40122,
West Java, Indonesia

Phone : +62 22 720 0004; +62 22 916 90093
Fax : +62 22 720 0004
Email :

Contact Person
Hunting : M. Fathony (+6281320550565)

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